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UK HippY^Lead ProgrammerCo-founder
UK xiphrexLead DesignerCo-founder
UK PaulBusiness Relations
Northern Ireland LikWyddSupport

About XippY

In the summer of 2005, two competent gamers struggled to find an easy to use gaming website solution for their teams and decided to do something about it. Months of coding and testing began to produce the first XippY website, and after a 6 month public beta, XippY was ready for the mainstream.

The XippY system was coded from scratch with one main purpose - to make it as easy to use for clans as possible. This meant removing the need to install any coding or to play about with FTP programs in order for clans to update their websites. We are continuously developing new features and enhancing current ones, whilst also creating new themes for use. All updates occur automatically to all websites saving customers the hassles of doing this manually.

All the websites run on dedicated high-spec systems residing in one of the best webhosts in the UK operated by our friends at www.dedishack.com.